In 2019, Kindred Therapeutic partnered up with Carrington College to host student externs from their Massage Therapy program.  Each student has six weeks at the end of their program for practical experience. With Kindred Therapeutic each student has a unique experience in their externship, as it is tailored to their desired learning objectives. We work one on one with each student to fine tune their soft and hard skills.

“When I was a student myself, I found that massage wasn’t as intuitive as I was learning in school. I personally sought out mentors to help me fill the gaps, and this gave me the idea to work with students. I have found so much joy in working one-on-one with each student and providing them unique experiences that range from body scrubs, foot and hand massages at a mountain hot spring, sports massage at a bodybuilding gym, and sewing lessons to help fix uniforms. As a self-employed person, each student learns from this perspective. They learn how to market themselves, how to run a small business, and how to set themselves apart in our industry. I find great value in serving my community by mentoring students and have found that it is another way to also serve my clients that may not be able to afford the cost of professional seasoned massage. I have so much fun with my students!”

-Joanna Robertson, Owner