Massage for Heroes Program

Throughout my entire life, I have been passionate about volunteerism. I have been involved with food banks, care homes, and raising money with Relay for Life. Now that I am a business owner, I have the privilege to incorporate this passion into my practice. Keeping in alignment with my core values, I provide 1-2 donated massage a month to disabled service members, their spouses, or caregivers. As a military wife myself, I find it important to be able to provide my service member family safe touch and a compassionate space for healing. 

How do I do this?  Most massage therapist’s accept gratuity on top of their service price, however, I feel that my pricing is fair for my time. When I do receive gratuity, I set it aside to be put towards the donated massage.  The more gratuity I receive during the month, the more donated massage I am able to provide. While I do not expect or ask for gratuities, I greatly appreciate them as they provide me opportunity to serve others.