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Massage Therapist | Boise, Idaho

My name is Joanna Downer, owner of Kindred Therapeutic Massage. I am a graduate of Milan Institute and also have an Associate’s of Social Science from Boise State University. I am a mother, avid gardener, care giver, and devoted advocate of volunteer work. My passion for massage therapy stems from years of exposure and involvement with individuals that needed compassionate connection, positive human touch, and alternate methods of wellness and healing. My areas of focus are Trauma Touch Therapy and Oncology Massage, which allows me to provide services for service members effects by PTSD, as well as those who are dealing with cancer. While Trauma Touch and Oncology Massage are my focus, I am well versed in a variety of massage modalities and enjoy the restorative aspects of my work. My general approach to bodywork is integrated with slow deep tissue, soothing Swedish, and trigger point therapy, coupled with client education using current technology. My goal with each client is to provide individualized treatments, provide relief and restoration, while empowering each client on their journey to full body wellness.

It is my mission with Kindred Therapeutic Massage, to treat my clients with the same quality of care that I give my own family. I pride myself with providing an atmosphere of safety, comfort, care, and healing, while alleviating pain, reducing stress, and balancing lives by tailoring individualized treatments to my unique clientele.

*Certified service animals welcome.

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